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D= What happened????

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D= What happened???? Empty D= What happened????

Post  Haiyann Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:56 am



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D= What happened???? Empty Re: D= What happened????

Post  luckigrrl Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:40 pm

most of paradise have moved to exotic and have elected to stay; many of those who were lower level and not allowed to move to paradise have moved to other guilds. only a few members of paradise remain in guild.

paradise is being rebuilt from the few of us that stayed, but we need a forums with which to communicate, so everyone who is no longer in guild was banned. I was considering starting a new forum; however, though people were visiting daily (I can see the logs of who comes each day), no one was posting, so the effort seemed wasted.

I have gotten some unhappy response regarding the matter, but the forums were created for paradise guild use, and are currently almost entirely unused by old paradise members, so I think my decision is both fair and reasonable. I apologize to anyone who feels otherwise.

if I banned your account but you're still in guild, I am very, very sorry. I checked the guild list against the forum member list as I banned and thought I only banned people who were not active members of the guild.

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