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Welcome to paradise forums

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Welcome to paradise forums Empty Welcome to paradise forums

Post  luckigrrl Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:00 pm

You do not need to register in order to create a new thread here. Once you are accepted into guild, you may register to use the forums using a recognizable username, and then can begin using the forums immediately after acceptance.

Before requesting admittance into Paradise, please familiarize yourself with the guild rules, which are as follows, and apply to every member:

1. Keep your drama to a minimum and don't involve your guildies in it, if possible.
2. New members get voted after one day of being on the guild notice.
3. Although it is not surveyed, it is highly recommended that guild members party each other for quests, KQs and grinding.
4. No repeating anything from guild chat / paradise vent / guild forums elsewhere.

Guild votes for each potential new recruit are held to promote guild harmony, so please don't feel offended that you've been asked to wait a day for this process. You will come to appreciate the process when you're a member of the guild!!

Please use this forum to help us get to know you before we vote. If you feel that, for some reason, you may be barred from guild during this vote, use this forum to make your case; you never know unless you try!

If you have any issues with the forums, please contact one of the moderators as listed on the main page. Ingame, guild master/administrators are Luckigrrl, Taraseas3, Skiiger, A_MEXICAN, Boo, Muntsac_iz_Legit

We do not have a formal application, but sharing the following information would be helpful:

Ingame name
Why you'd like to join Paradise (though remember, this part of the forums is not restricted, so trash talking your last guild is not recommended!!)

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